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Donor Trak simplifies the recording, receipting, and reporting processes to streamline your efforts and allow you to achieve even more.

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Product Features

Easily keep tabs on your donors and campaigns

(Screenshot - Dashboard page

The dashboard view provides a convenient way to maintain relationships with donors while tracking key details about current campaigns in a single view. It alerts users to any follow-up notices set for either constituents or businesses. It also provides a list of upcoming milestones such as birthdays and anniversaries in the lives of constituents. A summary report is also posted for each active campaign listing current totals along with the stated goal of the campaign. A graphic display of the current progress and pledged giving is also provided. With additional details only a click away, the dashboard will become the launching point for account users to nurture key relationships required for financial success.

Manage and maximize donor demographics and connections

(Screenshot - Constituent attributes page)

Donor Trak not only records donation records, but it also provides a platform for managing all of the points of interest your donors or prospective donors may have in current or future campaigns. All donors are recorded by two donor types - constituent or business. In addition to general demographic information for each of these, each donor record allows for easily tracking relationship connections. This includes family constituent family connections, constituents and businesses connections, and how constituents are connected to your organization. Additional categories of attributes can be defined for both constituents and businesses to allow for even more connections to be tracked based on the specific goals of your organization.

Easily enter donations or track pledged donations

(Screenshot - Donations page

Donor Trak simplifies the efforts required on the clerical side of donation management. A single entry of a gift can update the donor and campaign record. Receipts can be automatically generated. Pledged donations can be recorded with reminders automatically sent. Donations can be entered in a batch or one record at a time. When gifts or pledges are entered they are connected to donor records (constituent or business) and specific campaigns. This information can then be reviewed or edited by donor record, through the campaign record, or in a variety of reports. With a single entry, individual records, campaigns, appeals, reports and receipting can all be completed allowing account users to maximize their efforts.

A variety of report options provides endless possibilities

Screenshot - Reports page

The Donor Trak report generator enables users to take their development efforts to the next level. In addition to basic giving and campaign reporting or receipts required by any fundraising effort, the Donor Trak reports area will allow prospective donors to be collated based on past giving, specific attributes, or defined connections. The reports area will allow Donor Trak users to not only communicate about received donations, but it will also allow for the projection of possible donors for the next campaign.

Secure databases to keep your data safe

(Screenshot - Login page

Donor Trak is committed to keeping your financial information secure. We use the latest in internet safety protocols to protect the information in your databases. The site contains the latest in SSL certification that includes data encryption. This allows any device accessing your account to authenticate the DT site and prevent any additional party or prying eye from seeing that information elsewhere on the internet.

Integrated Online Donations through

Coming January 2018

(Screenshot - Online Donations Add Page

DT promotes stewardship and kingdom causes through online giving. Your donors can enjoy the convenience of online giving while retaining full control over their giving preferences and profile. Donors can set up one-time or recurring donations to the fund of their choice and manage credit, debit, or checking account information as needed. Our partnership with PaymentSpring allows your organization to accept online payments at some of the lowest rates in the market. This keeps more of the online donation in your organization. In addition, PaymentSpring donates part of those fees to hunger relief organizations around the world.